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In case your website doesn't achieve such results, you cannot subscribe to the directory, see the site to understand them but they are written in Italian.

SEO directory IT

Joining the Geco SEO directory is a great way to have a natural, link building (see options below), moreover it is possible to request SEO options to receive advice aimed at achieving the average parameters required (and indirectly at optimizing your site) for the 'insertion. As regards the additional service referred to in point 4 of the format, it is specified

## The additional local SEO and link building service:

  • Increased domain rating
  • DR increase within 20 days
  • Keyword targeted backlinks
  • No bots or tools
  • Natural mix of DoFollow and NoFollow
  • Listing on authoritative sites, local SEO and social signals
  • Permanent job
  • This too will turn out

There must be a close correlation between the chosen category, the connections and the actual activity of the company, which must be truthful, natural and real. For more comprehensive link building, visit News Tayros

This is why we also accept suggestions from customers who want to report a new service or category, and therefore we collaborate by advising companies or freelancers; but they will have to respect the quality parameters indicated equal to 80/100 and will be entered for free.

Please note that we have eight social channels where we post ads for Geco Directory pages. Warning, out of 100 sites that apply, only 8-9% meet the minimum requirements, so if you haven't taken care of your website in terms of SEO, security and speed, we will hardly be able to include you. Of course, payment is required after the preliminary analysis, but you can always request advice to improve the quality of your site and meet the required standards, and thus be included in the Geco SEO directory. Geco Italian SEO Directory the best

The inclusion is at our discretion, following quality indicators

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